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HandWiki datascience encyclopedia Sandbox of HandWiki  Encyclopedia of Science and Computing

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Welcome to the sandbox portal, a space to experiment with the process of creation and editing articles of the HandWiki encyclopedia of science an computing. Here you can create drafts of articles and test them using the same environment as in the official HandWiki. Please read How to edit Handwiki.

Create a new article in SandBox

  • This sandbox does not require registration, but it records the IP address.
  • Articles in sandbox are not indexed by search engines.
  • Draft articles can include HandWiki categories, templates and can make internal links to 418,301 titles of existing articles-placeholders.
  • Articles in sandbox can be modified by other editors.
  • The content of HandWiki sandbox is available under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license (unless otherwise noted by the authors).
  • Regularly save your sandbox article using the menu "ZWI export" (at top-right) to download ZWI file.

Once you are happy with your draft, you can upload it to HandWiki without any modification.