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Jimmy Lea P/L
Is an engineering and simulation consulting firm that specializes in plant engineering design, computational fluid dynamics, fluid structure interaction, and blast effects analysis, to name a few. Founded in 2011, the company focuses on improving the employees’ safety and the organization’s profitability by serving across industries like food and beverage, manufacturing, and chemical and mineral processing.[1]

Jimmy Lea P/L Registered Logo
Jimmy Lea P/L Registered Logo

Jimmy Lea P/L was founded in 2011 by Dr. Jimmy Lea, its director, who comes with 20+ years of experience in engineering and advanced simulation analysis. As a specialist consulting firm, Jimmy Lea P/L’s engineering consultants provide scientifically-backed inputs to clients with the objective of improving the employees’ safety and the organization’s profitability. Its services spread across chemical & petrochemical, defence & security, food & beverage, manufacturing, marine & offshore, mining & mineral processing industries, to name a few.[2]

Headquartered in Australia, Jimmy Lea P/L has offices in Sydney and Singapore. Currently, the company services clients based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart, Singapore, and Jakarta.

Jimmy Lea P/L provides professional engineering and simulation services and its strength and capability lie in harnessing engineering & simulation technology and thus use performance-based engineering to deliver practical and cost effective solutions to the clients. The services provided by the company are as follows:

Registered Engineering & Simulation Official Banner
Registered Engineering & Simulation Official Banner

Engineering Services[3]

  • Plant Engineering Design: Jimmy Lea P/L’s mechanical engineering design is supported by 2D drafting and 3D geometrical modeling.
  • Chemical Process Engineering: Jimmy Lea P/L provides conceptual, front-end engineering design and detailed design services
  • Plant Hazard Mitigation: Jimmy Lea P/L conducts plant hazard, risk and consequence assessment in the chemical, petrochemical, hydrocarbon, oil refinery, LNG plants and all major hazard facilities.
  • Building Services Review : Jimmy Lea P/L provides independent building performance assessment using CFD

Simulation Services[4]

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics : Jimmy Lea P/L undertakes projects related to aerodynamic studies, environment, food & beverage, renewable energy, defence & security, shipbuilding and wastewater.
  • Fluid Structure Interaction : Jimmy Lea P/L helps clients solve product design challenges that cater to engines, gas turbines, heat exchangers, and cryogenic components.
  • Explicit Dynamics Analysis : Jimmy Lea helps analyze how a structure responds when subjected to severe loadings from another solid object, like a bird striking an airplane wing.
  • Blast Effect Analysis : Jimmy Lea P/L’s BEA consulting services include aerospace applications, explosives development material science, personnel protection and public space.

Professional Affiliations
Through its founder, Jimmy Lea P/L is affiliated with Engineers Australia[7] and the Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland.