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Love and Pain is a 2008 book of philosophy and metaphysics by American author Thaddeus Golas, the author of The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment. Love and Pain was first drafted in 1986 and underwent several rewrites throughout the 1990s. Golas called it his Opus and considered it his most important work. He was not able to find a publisher for the work while alive. He described it as "a step beyond The Lazy Man's Guide, and perhaps a revision to it."

Love and Pain was published posthumously by Seed Center Books/Even Lazier Publishing,[1] an independent publishing company in California dedicated to publishing the work of Golas.


Love and Pain describes a theory of metaphysics, nuclear physics, cosmology and more including a theory of gravitation. Golas describes a universe made entirely of one single vital substance. This substance has only three possible states: expanding continuously with great force, contracting continuously (appearing as a sub-atomic particle), and alternating between expansion and contraction at a variety of frequencies (appearing as energy). Golas explains how this accounts for every phenomenon known of, without providing any proven science.


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