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Dzerassæ (Template:Lang-os) is a figure in Ossetian mythology best known as the daughter of the water deity Donbettyr[1] and the mother of several Nart saga heroes.[2] She was the wife of Aexsaertaeg.[2] With him, she was the mother of the twin heroes Uryzmaeg and Xaemyts.[2] She was also the mother of Syrdon (ru), with Gaetaeg (ru).[3][4] After her death, the archangel Uastyrdji revived her and they became lovers in her tomb. Her daughter, the Nart Satanaya, was born thereafter.[5]

She was usually depicted with golden hair, and was able to change her shape into a deer or a fish.[6] Anthropologist Kevin Tuite has noted that this makes her similar to the Svan goddess Dali, who was also golden-haired and could change into animals.[6]

The Dzerassa Planitia on Venus is named for Dzerassae.[7]


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