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Limitted access. First login to DataMelt if you are a full DataMelt member. Then login to HandWiki as a user.

Sponsorship Program

The Sponsorship Program is designed to provide ongoing support of the DMelt computation environment, as well as jWork.ORG portal that hosts this project. The project is usually maintained by a few paid contractors with the help of the community of developers. In addition, a computer support is required for hosting this project. Your sponsorship will allow to cover the DMelt and jWork.ORG expenses as well as expand our capability.

In return, you should expect:

  • Your logo on the main DMelt pages, DMelt wiki and the main jWork.ORG portal.
  • Your logo will be incorporated on DMelt IDE
  • All DMelt membership fees will be waved for your company
  • In case of sufficient support, we will consider waving all membership fees for all users. The acknowledgement that this was possible because of your company will be included for all communications with the users.

If you would like more information about supporting DMelt, please dmelt[AT]