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Original author(s)Anne Bruinvels
Developer(s)Px HealthCare
Initial release2013
Operating systemiOS & Android
Available in2 languages
List of languages
Dutch, English
TypeCancer support and symptom-tracking app

OWise is a mobile app and website developed for cancer patients by Px HealthCare, the Patient Experience company. Through OWise, Px offers cancer patients a smart digital platform where they can gain insight into their cancer diagnosis whilst also providing tools to feel more in control [1].

OWise is recommended across NHS England [2], and in 2017, IQVIA listed it in the top 25 of all 318,000 health apps [3].

OWise was initially developed for breast cancer patients and is currently expanding to other cancer types, with the next OWise app being developed for prostate cancer [4] .


OWise was created by Dr. Anne Bruinvels, Px HealthCare's CEO and the former Executive Director at the European Personalised Medicine Association (EPEMED)[5][6].

OWise was first launched in the Netherlands in 2013 and then brought to the UK in 2016 through the NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) programme[7][8][9].

Mobile App and Website

OWise aims to empower patients throughout cancer by providing the user with  personalised medical information, and a tailored list of suggested questions, to help them improve discussions with their clinicians. Self-management features include the ability to enter appointments and treatment plan, and to privately store photos and audio recordings[1]. Additionally, actively monitoring side effects with OWise can uncover insights for both patients and clinicians that could potentially improve patients’ outcomes.

OWise has been integrated successfully into the hospital’s electronic record system of NHS Lothian[10], enabling care teams to monitor patients effectively and avoid unnecessary, costly emergency visits. This integration, whereby remote-patient monitoring results in real-time Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) data accessible to the care team, can be critical in scenarios such as the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Clinical Research and Awards

OWise was the first cancer medical app to be used as a NICE exemplar [11], it is NHS Digital approved[2] and CE marked (Class I Medical Device)[12].

It is currently undergoing a randomised clinical trial at the Royal Marsden NHS Trust [13] . Additionally, it has undergone substantial peer-reviews [14][15][16].

In 2018, OWise was one of the projects selected to win the finals and progress to phase two of the Cancer Innovation Challenge[17][18].

Px HealthCare was awarded one of the top NESTA Healthier Lives Data Fund prizes to develop OWise for prostate cancer further and to scale across Scotland[19]

External Links

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