Best free pograms for statistics in 2023

March 23, 2023 - Reading time: ~1 minute

This article describes best free programs for statistics, data analysis, data mining  and  plotting of data and mathematical functions. Such programs can be used in many areas, such as natural sciences, engineering, modeling and analysis of financial markets.

In this article, I will list some of the best plotting apps I have come across.

R-package - a software for statistical computing written in C. Script oriented.

Pros: widely used, simple, extensive documentation.

Cons: simpler graphics compared to competitors, no multi-threading, scripting is less powerful compare to other programming languages.

DataMelt - a math software written in Java and based on GNU libraries supported by the DMelt team (led by S.Chekanov).

Pros: support for many languages Python, Groovy, Java, Ruby. Multi-threading. Extensive documentation, superior graphics and hundreds of examples.

Cons: Hard to bind with CPython. Many advanced topics of the documentation are proprietary. In the past, the program had name JHepWork (2005-2013) and SCaVis (2013-2015)

Weka - A Java environment for data mining.

Pros: advanced GUI, good documentations.

Cons: support for data visualization is less advanced compared to alternative programs. Scripting support is limited.

ROOT - C++ data-analysis environment created by the CERN organization. A script oriented with support of Python.

Pros: Advanced histogramming and graphics, including 3D.

Cons: somewhat more oriented towards a particular field (HEP). Not easy to use outside the POSIX system

Orange - visualization and analysis for novice and experts.

Pros: Advanced GUI and graphics. Good documentation. Support for CPython.

Cons: Less choice for scripting language compared to alternative statistical packages

by T.Riviera