How to invest with Esperio Broker: reviews of the company's clients

July 3, 2023 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Forex brokers today offer different services, including medium- and long-term investments. They provide an opportunity to get an additional source of passive income. Esperio Broker also offers broad prospects for traders. It has several investment products that allow both experienced and beginners to earn money.

Esperio Copy Trading Service

Esperio is an international financial broker providing online trading and investment services for over 10 years. You need to register a personal account, pass verification, open an account, and replenish it to take advantage of the company's investment opportunities.

Esperio offers its clients a popular investment direction: the Copy Trading service. It is a separate site section where investors can find a suitable provider of trading signals whose trades will be copied automatically. After the investor connects to the Copy Trading service, the trades opened by the trader-signal provider will immediately open on his account.

You must perform the following sequence of actions to start investing, including:

  • Register on the broker's website and get investor status.
  • Select a signal provider from the list available in the special section «Rating of the best traders».
  • Attach your account to the trader's account.
  • Set the ratio that will determine the amount of opened deals.
  • Confirm your choice and start earning income proportional to the signal provider's income.

Investment portfolios

Portfolio investment is a relatively new service where the broker's clients can invest in balanced asset portfolios formed with the participation of the company's experts. These portfolios are characterized by a different ratio of profitability and risk, designed for people with varying investment and risk tolerance strategies. Investors themselves can suspend or refuse any transaction at any time, even though employees of the analytical department of the broker carry out the formation of portfolios. Investors also have access to constant monitoring of indicators that characterize the effectiveness of the portfolio and all current reports on transactions.

 Esperio reviews

The broker currently offers two main portfolio types: «First Steps» and «Optimal».

 Esperio Broker reviews

What is the Esperio Investment fund?

Another popular service for investors that the broker is actively developing is the Investment fund by the Esperio Broker rewiews. Reviews from the company's clients indicate that the average annual return on investing in this fund may be higher than the same one on similar products from competitors. The average return on the Esperio fund was 47.05% over the past three years, and the total amount of funds invested in it at the beginning of 2023 exceeded $2.6 million.

Professional experts of the company manage the fund. Their strategy is based on investment in stocks and securities of industry leaders with solid and reliable businesses. The assets that make up the fund are characterized by high liquidity, allowing traders to update its structure by regularly adding or removing various instruments. Fund participants can always control their work's effectiveness and increase or decrease the size of their share.

At the moment, the structure of the fund looks as follows.

What is the Esperio Investment fund

Summing up, Esperio has a relatively large set of investment proposals. They provide an opportunity to receive passive income even for those without much investing experience. Judging by the broker's clients' reviews, the unique Esperio affiliate program can also be attributed to the number of popular services, which allows you to receive passive income on attracting the company's clients.

by A.Melnikova