What does being a croupier in a live casino entail and how do you become one?

August 24, 2022 - Reading time: 3 minutes

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Online gaming is booming in the modern world, with more and more of us accessing an array of gaming options on our smartphone devices. The advancements made in smartphones, alongside PC machines and tablets, have enabled us to access better games than ever before, including online casino products that aim to replicate a land-based casino’s gaming experience with a live game that includes a croupier and the sounds of a casino.

When it comes to a croupier, they perform a vital role in the authenticity of an online casino game because people generally associate them with most types of casino games, particularly when frequenting a Las Vegas venue. A croupier’s role is to essentially be in charge of working casino game tables, while also being responsible for controlling the progress of specific games and making sure that all rules are being followed. While croupiers aren’t required in every online casino gaming product, such as slot games like Mayan Gods, they’re an integral ingredient to the success of popular table games like blackjack and poker. In fact, without a croupier, many of a casino’s top games simply wouldn’t be possible.

How do you become a croupier?

In the same way, many people might know about a Release Train Engineer’s role but aren’t necessarily aware of how you get into such a career, the same applies to being an online casino croupier. It’s not an extremely rare job, but most people wouldn’t necessarily know how to establish themselves on such a career path. In order to make it happen, there are a few basic requirements that help make a croupier what they are. For example, good communication is essential in order to interact with customers who are gaming at home, while also having the ability to generate conversation if a game is a little flat for whatever reason. Most importantly of all, though, is having a good foundation of basic mathematics given the main responsibility of the role, be it around overseeing bets or making payouts. You need to be quick, too, making strength in mental arithmetic an extremely crucial skill to have. Additionally, alongside needing to have a solid grasp of all things mathematics-related, croupiers also need to know the rules of specific games in great detail. Some croupiers specialize in one or two games, for example, while others have extensive knowledge on a wide selection of games in order to open up more working opportunities for themselves.

Where can you find a job working as a croupier?

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Given the rise of online casinos, there is an evident need for more online casino croupiers. Of course, you aren’t just limited to the online world and could look at becoming a croupier at a casino resort in Las Vegas, but traditional brick-and-mortar casino establishments can have stricter requirements and offer a completely different working environment. Working as a croupier at an online casino is appealing to many, especially as there are arguably more jobs available given the comprehensive selection of online casinos out there. Essentially, the very best online casinos offer an immersive experience that involves real dealers in games, therefore making the role a vitally important one if any online casino is to thrive. As such, jobs are out there.

What are the benefits of being a croupier?

There are plenty of benefits to being a croupier at an online casino, from the chance to travel to the opportunity to take charge of a game you have a passion for. The pay can be good depending on the online casino you’re working for, too.

By P.Morneau