What is cricket betting of Melbet bookmaker?

March 13, 2024 - Reading time: 2 minutes

The sport called cricket has a rich history. Today, numerous fans can enjoy both matches of international tournaments and games of local teams. This game is most popular in some countries of Africa and Asia, as well as in Australia. Nowadays, every major match gathers millions of fans all over the world. It is noteworthy that cricket is well known not only to ordinary fans, but also to those who are fond of gambling betting. For them, cricket betting, offered by the famous bookmaker Melbet has become especially important, as many bettors have learned not only to play for luck, but also to get additional income from such activities.

Today, the company's website offers such tournaments for this sport:

  1. ODIs - one-day matches. They last for 40-50 overs.

  2. T20 - gather the most viewers. The games are short, but are as interesting as possible for the fans.

  3. Test games. These are rivalries between only well-known and successful teams. One game lasts long enough and can take even 5 days.    

Melbet operator accepts not only pre-match predictions. You can bet on a game that is already in progress or even close to completion. Fans of live betting can be satisfied. They can now watch many cricket matches in real time.  

Successful betting for those who have chosen cricket

Gambling operator Melbet has made sure that gamers have as many events to predict as possible. When it comes to cricket, fans of lucrative betting have plenty of options for prediction. They can bet on a win for any team or a draw if it is a first-tier match. It is necessary to study the success of your chosen club in the past competitions, as well as pay attention to the composition of the players and the quality of their game to make a successful bet.

Cricket matches last for quite a long time. Therefore, the gamer has a high probability to win in the total. You can also bet on the number of points that the team will get for the match or during a particular period.

Cricket is a game full of surprises. In this regard, you can find the most different events for betting among the bookmaker's offers. You can try to guess the player who will make the most serves or batting.

Melbet gamers can bet small amounts. To start exciting betting, it is allowed to have on a personal account the amount from one dollar. In addition, the company offers many attractive bonuses for beginners and professionals, thanks to which they can significantly save money. Betting at Melbet bookmaker brings not only real money, but also a lot of positive emotions.

by T.Green