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Short description: Custom motorcycle
Mod Dam 1199 R
Mod Dam -02.jpg
ManufacturerMario Kleff
PredecessorMod Dam 1198 D
ClassCustom motorcycle
Engine1,198 cc (73.1 cu in) Radiator Liquid cooled 4-valve/cyl desmodromic 90° L-twin engine
Bore / stroke112 mm × 60.8 mm (4.41 in × 2.39 in)
Compression ratio12.5:1
Top speed320 km/h (200 mph)
Power151 kW (202 hp)
Torque140 N⋅m (100 lb⋅ft)
Transmission6-speed constant-mesh sequential manual transmission
Frame typeTrellis Titanium
SuspensionFront: Custom 30 mm (1.2 in) inverted fork
Rear: Monoshock, preload and rebound adjustable
BrakesFront: Brembo radial monobloc calipers, 2×220 mm (8.7 in) discs
Rear: 190 mm (7.5 in) disc, Antilock brakes
TiresFront: 120/70-12 (front)
Rear: 130/70-12
Rake, trail25°
Wheelbase1,230 mm (48 in)
Seat height775 mm (30.5 in)
Weight173.0 kg (381.4 lb). (wet)
Fuel capacity4.5 l; 1.00 imp gal (1.20 US gal)
RelatedEstimated performance data according to Ducati Panigale 1199 R

The Mod Dam 1199 R (Thai: มดดำ 'Black Ant', pronounced [mód.dām] (About this soundlisten) is a custom high-performance scooter with an output of 202 hp, which was built by Mario Kleff in Thailand in 2016.[1] Its shape and dimensions are based on a Honda Grom or Honda MSX 125, which is powered by an air-cooled two-valve engine with 9 hp.[2] Mod Dam 1199 R, also known as the Honda MSX 1199, features a 73.1 cu in (1,198 cc) liquid-cooled 4-valve / cyl. Desmodromic 90 ° L-Twin engine from Ducati 1199.[3]

Mod Dam 1199 R next to the original Honda Grom or Honda MSX 125


Honda introduced a new motorcycle in 2013, the Honda Grom, (known as MSX125 in Europe and East Asia), which has become one of the most popular, original and custom mini bikes on the market.[4][5] Later manufactured in Thailand, the Honda MSX 125 formed a mini bike culture with numerous custom versions being featured on motorcycle shows, racetracks and social media platforms.[6] Mario Kleff, a passionate motorcycle builder from Thailand,[7] transformed a Honda MSX into a high-performance scooter with a 202 hp motorcycle engine and technological advances in motorcycle safety - Mod Dam 1199 R or Honda MSX 1199 caught fire due to a leaking fuel line and was destroyed.[8]


Mod Dam 1199 R

The Mod Dam 1199 R has a 73.1 cu in (1,198 cc) liquid cooled Multivalve|4-valve/cyl. desmodromic 90° L-twin engine|L-twin engine, with cylinder bore x stroke 112 mm × 60.8 mm (4.41 in × 2.39 in), compression ratio of 12.5:1, and power output of 151 kW (202 hp) at 10,700 rpm.[9][10] Dimensions and weight: Length 1,800 mm (70 in)x width 760 mm (30 in) x height 990 mm (39 in). Wheelbase 1,200 mm (48 in), seat height 770 mm (30.5 in). Power to weight ratio approximate 0.87 kW (1.16 hp) per 1.6 kW (2.2 hp).


The development of the Mod Dam 1199 R includes bespoke parts and modifications of the engine as well as the motorcycle frame, which, like the swingarm, was made of titanium. Two aluminum radiators were attached to the front and back of the motorcycle. The front suspension and wheel had to be modified to carry additional weight and to install a double disc Anti-lock braking system (ABS) with Brembo radial monobloc calipers.[11] The Panigale's electrical system was used on the Mod Dam 1199 R. Body panels, fender and fuel cell were replaced by carbon fiber and aluminum parts. The idea of developing a minibike with a high-performance Ducati Superquadro engine was realized and inspired the international motorcycle scene.[12][13]


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