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HandWiki is an online encyclopedia and a content management environment for collaborative editing of articles on science and computers. Registered users can post and edit articles, books, manuals and tutorials. Read about HandWiki. One can login or request account using the top-right menu. HandWiki has +100,000 articles, and is constantly growing.

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News & Recent articles

In 2020 HandWiki has become the largest online encyclopedia of physics, math and computing. It includes Wikipedia articles, plus thousands of additional articles and books. Recent articles:

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Featured Article

The HandWiki is an internet Wiki-style encyclopedia for professional researchers in various branches of science and computer science. As other Wiki type encyclopedias, HandWiki is designed for collaborative editing of articles. One notable feature of HandWiki is that uses dedicated namespaces for each science topic, unlike the traditional Wikipedia that uses the MediaWiki categories concept for all articles...
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Search in 126,927 HandWiki articles, including searches in specialized topics. For searches inside 40,000 source code descriptions and 700 examples, use the DMelt project.

Mathematics and Data Science

Here are encyclopedic articles on abstract concepts applied to many branches of science. They cover data science that unifies math, statistics, data analysis, machine learning, computer science, and information science.

  • Handwiki analysis.svg

    Mathematics, statistics and related topics

  • Handwiki measurement.svg

    analysis techniques, algorithms and visualization

  • Handwiki computer.svg

    Computers, computational methods and programming

  • Handwiki software.svg

    Software (computer programs and libraries)

Natural, Formal and Social Sciences

Here are article related to specific sciences organized by topic.

  • Handwiki astronomy.svg

    Universe, cosmology, celestial objects and phenomena

  • Handwiki biology.svg

    Different areas of biology and related

  • Handwiki medicine.svg

    Medicine as a science dealing with human health

  • Handwiki chemistry.svg

    Composition, structure and properties of matter

  • Handwiki physics.svg

    All about physical sciences and related

  • Handwiki earth.svg

    Sciences about the planet Earth

  • Handwiki social.svg

    Topics related to social sciences

  • Handwiki finance.svg

    Market and financial calculations

  • Handwiki engineering.svg

    Design and manufacture of complex products

  • Handwiki unsolved.svg

    Unexplained problems and unusual observations

Companies, Organizations and People

Here are articles about organizations, companies and people contributing to research and technology. They serve to support the citations in HandWiki research articles and books.

  • Handwiki organization.svg

    Organizations contributing to science and technology

  • Handwiki company.svg

    Companies contributing to science and technology

  • Handwiki biography.svg

    Biographies of prominent researches

Programming Guides, Books and Tutorials

These tutorials are designed for beginners with little or no coding experience. The tutorials are most useful for those who want to learn Python, and especially for those who work with the DataMelt and jMathLab projects tailored to numerical, statistical and scientific applications. To maximize your learning, the tutorials are fully interactive and require Java installed on your computer.

Topical in-depth encyclopedias

Here are in-depth encyclopedias organized according the scientific fields supported in HandWiki.

Manuals, Books and Monographs

Here are manuals, books and monographs. Books and manuals are organized as collections of articles, and typically span many wiki pages. A monograph discusses a detailed study of a single specialized subject. Monographs use a single wiki page.


This section contains the description of the HandWiki encyclopedia project.

  • Handwiki book38.png

    About the HandWiki project, and why it was created

  • Handwiki book38.png

    Description of HandWiki formatting and editing tricks

  • Handwiki book38.png

    Copyright statements of HandWiki articles

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