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To ensure continuity and further development of this project, we are looking for sponsors and investors. Direct donations are also very welcome.

Donating to HandWiki

If you like this project, consider donating to HandWiki. These funds will be used to improve the speed of HandWiki web site and to support administrative cost of its content. The names of people who financially contributed to HandWiki will be indicated on a special page.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsoring the HandWiki project is a viable option for covering its operational cost. During the period of time when a sponsor contributes to HandWiki's maintenance cost, we will include sponsor's logo with the URL link to the sponsor's web site in the footer of 312,775 articles of HandWiki. Please contact handwiki[AT]jwork.org fro more information.

Advertising Opportunities

HandWiki allows adding non-intrusive image Ads at the ends of articles. Such Ads can target the audience for thousands of articles in specific HandWiki topics, such as Software, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering etc. (16 topics).

The image for Ads should follow these requirements:

  • Should be prepared in the PNG/JPEG format;
  • No animated images inside the icon;
  • The standard size of the icon is 120x90px;
  • The white (or transparent) background for the image is preferred.

The image should be prepared by the advertising side (or by the HandWiki team in exceptional cases). Such Ads will go directly to the HandWiki support, therefore, one can use the word “Supported by”. Examples of such Ads images are shown at the bottom of this page. Here is an image template which can be re-used for your purpose.

Use the HandWiki wizard to submit your advertisement:

Add your advertisement to HandWiki articles

Note on the price: The price per month is calculated automatically from the number of independent HandWiki visitors during last month.


Contact handwiki[AT]jwork.org for more information.

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