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What is the difference between HandWiki and Wikipedia?

HandWiki is more liberal in accepting scholarly articles than Wikipedia. In fact, it accepts all articles with at least one external reference (see HandWiki Article Acceptance Policy), but it requires a minimum academic credential for the registration. Read about HandWiki for more information.

HandWiki is better suited for new and original content, while Wikipedia is for short articles on well-established facts supported by multiple published sources. HandWiki editors are researchers with verified credentials, therefore, HandWiki's "article notability" concept only requires at least one external reference. In the case of Wikipedia, articles are typically written anonymously. Therefore, Wikipedia's notability concept requires several established sources. The article acceptance process is the subject of personal beliefs of Wikipedia editors without verifiable credentials. In contrast, HandWiki accepts all articles, and the check for notability is pure technical, i.e. is there any relevant reference or not.

HandWiki can also be used for books, manuals etc. where many articles should be grouped under a single namespace to create tables of contents.

Who can add and edit HandWiki articles?

Only registered users with verified professional credentials. One can login or request the HandWiki account here.

We know that a minimum professional credential could be a very high bar for many traditional Wikipedia editors, but this is a small price to pay to avoid spam since we do not have a staff for checking the posted articles.

I see an article that looks inaccurate (or wrong)

HandWiki does not have editors who verify the correctness of the posted articles. If you think an article is wrong, you should object to it in the corresponding "Talk" page, and make the required correction. We think that "inclusionism" (see Deletionism and inclusionism in Wikipedia ) is a more sustainable concept for wiki resources than having an anonymous superuser or administrator who decide what article should be accepted, and what article should be rejected.

If you think that an article is completely misleading and lacks scientific rigor, you should object it in the talk page. You can also insert a warning box pointing to the talk page of where you discuss this article. Another option is to move this article to the Unsolved namespace.

False theories happen. Even Einstein made his share of errors, and was wrong on many occasions. Science is not made by individuals. But false theories are going to die eventually through a joint effort. HandWiki is all about this joint effort.

Can HandWiki administrators remove an article?

Only if this article is 100% spam, and does not have any external citation that supports its content. Unlike Wikipedia, we do not require the external citation to be a "dedicated" review on the subject of this HandWiki article.

Can I bring an article to HandWiki from another wiki?

Yes, you can bring any article from other resources and edit it on HandWiki. However, you should comply with the license of the imported article. In the case of Wikipedia, you should add a link to the original Wikipedia article and clearly state that this article was imported. See Wikipedia:Copyrights.

Can I re-post HandWiki articles to other online resources?

Absolutely. The articles do not belong to HandWiki. They belong to you. You are welcome to re-post the article to Wikipedia or other websites.

Can I post non-Wiki articles ?

If you have an article, tutorial, or lecture in a non-Wiki format, such as LaTeX, HTML, etc., you can convert it to the MediaWiki format using the PanDoc program.

Is HandWiki larger than Wikipedia?

HandWiki is one of the largest online encyclopedias on science and computers. It is larger than Wikipedia for all major scientific topics, such as mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry. Currently, HandWiki contains all research articles from Wikipedia plus addition original articles. For some topics, like physics, the number of the additional non-Wikipedia articles exceeds several thousands.

May I add my biography to HandWiki?

Indeed, HandWiki contains the namespace "Biography:" with biographies of prominent researches. The goal of such biographies is to support the content of encyclopedic articles. If there are articles which directly reference your name or your work, you should add your biography under the namespace "Biography:". However, this biography must contain internal links to the HandWiki articles where your work is easy to identify (i.e. it should contain a reference on articles in peer-reviewed journals and where your contribution is clearly stated). The reason for this is that the automatic scripts used by HandWiki may remove biographies that do not link any internal article with your name in references. Also, your biography should have the category listed in HandWiki:Biography, otherwise it will be difficult to find it.

I see a bot changing HandWiki articles

This is correct. We are working on AI bots that make editorial changes to HandWiki articles. Typically, such bots make changes inside the imported articles and do not change articles created by humans directly on HandWiki (unless they determine obvious grammatical mistakes, missing links, etc., in which case the required changes will be made).

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