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Thailand Dragon
Randy D. Torgeson with the 222 Pro Street Motor - Thailand Dragon - built for Mario Kleff in Thailand.
ManufacturerHyperformance, Pleasant Hill, Iowa
Also calledKing of Cubes
ConfigurationV-twin 45°
Displacement3,638 cc (222.0 cu in)
Cylinder bore134.9 mm (5.31 in)
Piston stroke127.0 mm (5.00 in)
Block materialAluminum
Head materialAluminum
ValvetrainIntake 65 mm (2.54 in), exhaust 51 mm (2.0 in), S&S 675
Compression ratio10.2:1
RPM range
Idle speed950
Fuel systemCarbureted S&S Cycle Super D Twin 55 mm (2.15 in)
Fuel typeGasoline 102
Cooling systemAir cooled
Power output220 kW (290 hp) EST
Torque output410 N⋅m (300 lb⋅ft) EST
Predecessor260 Pro Street[1]

Thailand Dragon is an American V-twin engine built for Mario Kleff in 2010 by Hyperformance, Pleasant Hill, Iowa. It is a 222 cubic inch Pro Street Motor that powers a street-legal Pro Street motorcycle. The layout is based on Düx Industries crankcase design to accommodate the large displacement of this 5.31" bore and 5". The engine bottom end held in the housings was manufactured by Paul Matyka of Riverside Cycle and features Timken double tapered bearings for the crankshaft and billet steel connecting rods. The engine has an EST output of 220 kW (290 hp) / 410 N⋅m (300 lb⋅ft) and a three-stage nitrous oxide system is additional installed.[2]


In summer 2010, a passionate motorcycle builder from Thailand planned to build a street legal pro-street motorcycle with a powerful large displacement V-twin engine from the USA. The King of Cubes , owner of Hyperformance in Pleasant Hill, Iowa, was hired to build a 222 cubic inch Pro Street Motor called the Thailand Dragon.[3]

Engine build

The lower end of the Bristol Connecticut Paul Matyka River Cycle machine is used.[4] Paul Matyka has set several Pro Stock Drag Racing records with this system.[5] The cylinder heads were made in Manchester, New Hampshire. There was a collaborative effort between Paul Matyka and Reggi Sr. of R&R Cycles in Manchester, New Hampshire. The engine has 65 mm (2.54 in) intake valves and 51 mm (2.0 in) exhaust valves and rocker arms made by Jesel. Thailand Dragon has 14 inch pushrods. It's a 134.9 mm (5.31 in), 127.0 mm (5.00 in) stroke motor with 228.6 mm (9.00 in) long steel connecting rod. The flyweels are from Paul Matyka. Timken preloaded double taper bearings. Crankcase sample from Düx Industries, Hamburg, Germany. Cylinders machined in Hyperformance. 4340 steel connecting rods from Paul Matyka. Twin S&S D carburetors with a larger 2.15 inch ventury and 3 Thunderjets per carburetor. Adapter plate for the 3-stage nitrous oxide system. 5-inch primary belt with 13-plate dry clutch. The motor, primary section and gearbox were connected with special plates to reduce bending and vibrations. Additional ventilation slots for better engine breathing. 5-speed Baker Torquebox transmission with hydraulic clutch release. 1.9 kW starter. The compression ratio is 10.2: 1.[6]

External video
Hyperformance 222" Street Pro Motor, YouTube video, 2010-11-17. Randy Torgeson in Pleasant Hill, Iowa gives a rundown of the latest Pro Motor from Hyperformance. Video covers technical specs of the motor and incorporated parts of the drivetrain. The "Thailand Dragon" engine is a completely unique 222" V-Twin built for the street and is nothing short of astonishing. Filmed by Big T of Bitter End.
Hyperformance 222" Street Pro Motor, YouTube video, 2015-12-12. Mario Kleff's monster 222 custom chopper. Published by Choppertown.