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The closing panel of the 2010 PyCon Asia Pacific held at the Singapore Management University

The Python Conference (also called PyCon[1]:564) is the largest[2][3] annual convention for the discussion and promotion of the Python programming language.[4][5] It originated in the United States but is also held in more than 40 other countries.[6][7][8] It was one of the first computer programming conferences to develop and adhere to a code of conduct.[1]:565 The conference hosts tutorials, demonstrations and training sessions.[9]

PyCon 2020 was listed as (one of) "The best software engineering conferences (to attend) of 2020" and "As Python becomes ever more popular in the scientific community and for big data, the influence of PyCon will continue to grow."[10] PyCon is often attended by Guido van Rossum (the author of the Python language).[2][11] Other groups, such as PyLadies and Django Girls, often have concurrent sessions.[12]

It is often referred to in published articles.[13][14]

It is organised by the Python Software Foundation, and is supported by many significant companies, including Microsoft,[15][16] Google,[17] and Facebook.[18]

Location History

The canonical "PyCon" is run annually in the United States of America,[19] since starting in 2003 in Washington, D.C:

Year Location Number of Attendees
2003 Washington, D.C. 200
2004 Washington, D.C. 300
2005 Washington, D.C. 400
2006 Dallas, TX 400
2007 Dallas, TX 500
2008 Chicago, IL 1,000
2009 Chicago, IL 900
2010 Atlanta, GA 1,000
2011 Atlanta, GA 1,400
2012 Santa Clara, CA 2,300
2013 Santa Clara, CA 2,500
2014 Montreal, QC (Canada) 2,500
2015 Montreal, QC (Canada) 3,100
2016 Portland, OR 3,294 (badges issued)[20]
2017 Portland, OR 3,391 (badges received)[21]
2018 Cleveland, OH 3,260 (Checked-in people)[22]
2019 Cleveland, OH 3,393 (Checked-in people)[23]
2020 Pittsburgh, PA Virtual online-only event due to the COVID-19 pandemic[24]
2021 Pittsburgh, PA Virtual online-only event due to the COVID-19 pandemic
2022 Salt Lake City, UT (Planned)

Notable Keynote Speakers

Name Profession Current Employer Function Former Employer(s) Edition
VM Brasseur Juniper Networks Director of Open Source Strategy PyCon AU 2019[25]
Parisa Tabriz Engineer Google PyCon 2016
Jessica McKellar Engineer Dropbox Software Developer Oracle Corporation PyCon APAC 2017[26]
Guido van Rossum Engineer, Creator of Python Programming Language Microsoft Developer Google, Dropbox PyCon 2016
Van Lindberg Engineer, Intellectual Property and Open Source Lawyer Dykema Member Rackspace, General Counsel and Director of the Python Software Foundation PyCon 2016


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