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The Sony Ericsson Java Platform is a set of profiles describing particular Sony Ericsson Java implementation. It was designed to help developers to focus on a platform rather than on a variety of different product names. Two platform branches exist, supporting Symbian (SJP) and non-Symbian (JP) based phones respectively. The platforms are implemented through an evolutionary approach in order to ensure forwards compatibility between platform versions, which means that all JSRs (except the optional) implemented on one platform are also implemented on all higher platforms. Normally each platform version is used in several phone models. Some platform features are optional, that is, configurable. For example, the Java Bluetooth APIs (JSR 82) are only enabled for phones which actually support Bluetooth wireless technology. These interfaces are mostly invisible to the end user, who only has to download a JAR file containing the application to the phone.

Java Platform Models Features Optional JSR 82 Optional VSCL 2.0 Flash Lite version
JP-8 (8.5) Yari, Aino, Hazel*, Elm*, Cedar*, Zylo* KML Support, Network Bearer API, JSR 238 Extensions, SIM Application Toolkit Yes 3.1
(* also has Widget Manager)
JP-8 (8.4) C510, C901, C903, C905, G705, W508, W705, W715, W995, T715 Project Capuchin API Yes 2.1
JP-8 (8.3) C702, C902, W760, W980, Z770, Z780, T700, W595 JSR 179, JSR 256 (Mobile Sensor API) All 2.1
JP-8 (8.0-8.2) G502, K630, K660, K850/K858, V640, W890/W898, W910/W908, Z750 JSR 211, JSR 177, JSR 234 (full support), JSR 239, JSR 238, JSR 229, JSR 226 (SVG), JSR 180, JSR 248 (MSA), MIDP 2.1, JSR 256 (hardware dependent), JSR 179 (hardware dependent) All 2.0
JP-7 K530, K550, K610, K770, K790, K800, K810, S500, T650, W380, W580, W610, W660, W710, W830, W850, W880, Z310, Z610, Z710 JSR 234 (Camera capabilities) Not Z310 1.1
JP-6 K310, K320, K510, V630, W200, W300, W550, W600, W810, W900, Z530, Z550, Z558 JSR 205, JSR 172 Not K310, W200
JP-5 D750, K600, K750, V600, W700, W800, Z520, Z525 JSR 75 All V800 only
JP-4 V800, Z800 V600 only
JP-3 F500, J300, K300, K500, K700, S700, Z500 JSR 184, Mascot Capsule Ver. 3
JP-2 Z1010 Nokia UI API 1.1, JSR 135, JSR 120, JTWI (JSR 185), MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1
JP-1 T610/T616/T618, T630/T628, Z600/Z608 MIDP 1.0, CLDC 1.0

Note: JSR 184, Mascot Capsule Ver. 3 and JSR 234 are not enabled in Z310 series.

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