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Thinking in Java (ISBN:978-0131872486) is a book about the Java programming language, written by Bruce Eckel and first published in 1998. Prentice Hall published the 4th edition of the work in 2006. The book represents a print version of Eckel’s “Hands-on Java” seminar.[1] Bruce Eckel wrote “On Java8” as a sequel for Thinking in Java and it is available in Google Play as an ebook.

Publishing history

Eckel has made various versions of the book publicly available online.[2]


  • Tech Republic says:
"The particularly cool thing about Thinking in Java is that even though a large amount of information is covered at a rapid pace, it is somehow all easily absorbed and understood. This is a testament to both Eckel’s obvious mastery of the subject and his skilled writing style."[1]
  • Linux Weekly News praised the book in its review.[3]
  • CodeSpot says:
"Thinking in Java is a must-read book, especially if you want to do programming in Java programing language or learn Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)."[4]


Thinking in Java has won multiple awards from professional journals:

  • 1998 Java Developers Journal Editors Choice Award for Best Book [5]
  • Jolt Productivity Award, 1999[6]
  • 2000 JavaWorld Readers Choice Award for Best Book[5][7]
  • 2001 JavaWorld Editors Choice Award for Best Book [5][7]
  • 2003 Software Development Magazine Jolt Award for Best Book [7]
  • 2003 Java Developers Journal Readers Choice Award for Best Book [5][7]
  • 2007 Java Developer’s Journal Readers’ Choice Best Book[8]

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