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The Zen of Python output in a terminal

The Zen of Python is a collection of 19 "guiding principles" for writing computer programs that influence the design of the Python programming language.[1] Software engineer Tim Peters wrote this set of principles and posted it on the Python mailing list in 1999.[2] Peters's list left open a 20th principle "for Guido to fill in", referring to Guido van Rossum, the original author of the Python language. The vacancy for a 20th principle has not been filled.

Peters's Zen of Python was included as entry number 20 in the language's official Python Enhancement Proposals and was released into the public domain.[3] It is also included as an Easter egg in the Python interpreter, where it can be displayed by entering import this.[1][3]

In May 2020, Barry Warsaw wrote the lyrics to music.[4][5]


The principles are listed as follows:

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