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Special Library of Oncology
TypePublic Medical library
LocationInstitute of Oncology, Zaloska cesta 5, Ljubljana
Items collectedbooks, academic journals, newspapers and magazines, databases, clinical tools
Size15.000 books, 6.000 journal subscriptions
Access and use
Population servedphysicians, health professionals and medical researchers from the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana; anyone with a need to use the collections and services
Other information

The Special Library of Oncology is a central oncological library in Slovenia. It was established as an Information and Documentation Center of the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana in early 1950s.[1]

The users of the library are physicians and other health professionals of the Institute as well as of other medical institutions, students of medicine, and also other libraries in Slovenia and abroad. Professional users can access the latest published scientific and professional literature to cater for their everyday needs.[2][3]

The library is an active member of the Slovenian bibliographic cataloging system.[4]

See also

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