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The Prime Pages is a website about prime numbers maintained by Chris Caldwell at the University of Tennessee at Martin.[1] The site maintains the list of the "5,000 largest known primes", selected smaller primes of special forms, and many "top twenty" lists for primes of various forms. (As of 2018), the 5,000th prime has around 412,000 digits.[2]

The Prime Pages has a wealth of articles on primes and primality testing. It includes "The Prime Glossary" with articles on hundreds of glosses related to primes, and "Prime Curios!" with thousands of curios about specific numbers.

The database started as a list of titanic primes (primes with at least 1000 decimal digits) by Samuel Yates. In subsequent years, the whole top-5,000 has consisted of gigantic primes (primes with at least 10,000 decimal digits). Primes of special forms are kept on the current lists if they are titanic and in the top-20 or top-5 for their form.

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