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A Feast for the Seaweeds (Walimah li A'ashab al-Bahr)
AuthorḤaidar Ḥaidar
CountryDamascus, Syria
GenreFictional Novel
PublisherAl-Ward Publishing

A Feast for the Seaweeds (Walimah li A'ashab al-Bahr) is the 1983 novel by the Syrian novelist Ḥaidar Ḥaidar. The novel centers on an Iraqi communist revolutionary as he runs away to Algeria, where he meets an old revolutionary during the revolution's collapse. It also follows the havoc faced by revolutionaries in Algeria. The novel stirred a lot of controversy after being republished in Egypt in 2000, seventeen years after its original publication date, and it was considered to be “an offense to Islam” by Al-Azhar.

Thoughts on The Novel

The Egyptian poet and scholar Jābir Qumayḥah published a book titled ((Riwayit Walimah li A'ashab al-Bahr Fi Mizan Al-Islam Wal ʿAql Wal Adab)) or ((A Feast for the Seaweeds According to Islam, Reason, and Literature)) where he studies Ḥaidar's novel and looks at the parts that cross Islam's boundaries or the boundaries of appropriate speech and expression.[1]

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