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Rent a Hero 1998 adventure game box art.png
British box cover
Developer(s)Neo Software
Director(s)Hannes Seifert
  • EU: November 1998[1]
  • NA: June 30, 2000
Genre(s)Graphic adventure
Mode(s)Single player

Rent-a-Hero is a graphic adventure game developed by the Austrian studio Neo Software (later Rockstar Vienna) and published by Magic Bytes in 1998,[1] and by SouthPeak Interactive in 2000.


Rent-a-Hero is an adventure game controlled with a point-and-click interface.


Rent-a-Hero is set in a fantasy world on the island of Tol Andar. Its protagonist, Rodrigo, is a professional "hero for hire" who undertakes quests for a price. He struggles to compete with Tol Andar's many other mercenary heroes. When Rodrigo's rivals are called away to help combat a pirate invasion, he receives the job of finding Jasmin, wife of a dwarf named Ramil.[2]


Rent-a-Hero was first released in the German market during November 1998.[1] An English version was finished in the third quarter of 1999,[3] and was released by THQ in the United Kingdom that July.[4] The game's North American distribution rights were acquired from THQ by publisher SouthPeak Interactive by September 1999.[5][6] Initially due in January 2000,[7] SouthPeak's North American release of Rent-a-Hero was ultimately canceled in March 2000.[8]


German-language press

Review scores
PC Action82%[1]
PC Games84%[9]
PC Player72/100[10]

International reviews

Review scores
Adventure Gamers2.5/5 stars[2]
Just AdventureA[4]
CNET Gamecenter3/10[11]

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