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Cha kla
GroupingLegendary creature
Sub groupingMythological feline
Similar entitiesNekomata
Phi Ka
FolkloreThai folk mythology
Other name(s)Phi Luang (ผีล้วง)
Phi Cha kla (ผีจะกละ)

Cha kla (Thai: จะกละ) or Phi Cha kla (ผีจะกละ) is a Thai ghost appearing like a cat or wild cat. Cha kla were believed to be used by sorcerers for attacking their enemies.[1]

Folk tale

Cha kla is a kind of Phi Ka (ผีกะ). In the Southern Thai language,"Phi Luang", (ผีล้วง) it means a cat with completely black (but not shiny) fur. The cat's fur runs from back to front and it has blood-red eyes. The cat is a nocturnal animal and is fearful of humans - when it sees a human it runs down its hole. It will dig into the hole and will only emerge at night. When someone sees or touches it, that person will eventually die.[2]

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