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In Irish folklore, Muckie is the name given to the reported mysterious creature said to inhabit the Lakes of Killarney in Ireland.

In 2003, scientists conducted a series of sonar scans to determine local fish populations. However, a large solid object in the water was recorded,[1] which has led to the theory that the lake is inhabited by some form of lake monster, similar to the famed "Nessie" of Loch Ness.[1]

It has been suggested that witnesses might have seen seals, which when travelling in pairs will dive and rise opposite to each other, giving the impression of being a single larger animal.

The name Muckie comes from a portmanteau of Muckross (one of the three Killarney lakes) and the ie suffix to mimic the Loch Ness Nessie.[2]

Tourism interests have tried to encourage the legend without any success.[3]

In October 2004, a Japanese TV crew spent a week in the region, looking for Muckie.[4]