Asexuality Visibility and Education Network

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The Asexuality Visibility and Education Network (AVEN) was founded in 2001 by David Jay. It is the biggest online community of asexual people.[1][2]


When first starting the website, AVEN's main goals were to give the community space to grow and raise awareness for asexuality in public. AVEN serves as an informational platform for families, researchers, and press. One of the central parts of AVEN is the community forum.[2] In this forum, people post about their experiences surrounding asexuality and the space is open to queer-friendly interactions without any sort of judgement or gatekeeping.[3] In an interview with Femestella, Jay highlighted the importance of such open spaces for people who are unsure of their sexuality and having support to understand themselves better.[4] The forums exist in many languages such as French and Russian.[5]

In 2021, AVEN alongside activists like Yasmin Benoit announced April 6th as the International Day of Asexuality to promote education and visibility around asexuality.[6]

AVEN also publishes a newsletter called AVENues every four months. It collects the voices of the community and includes fiction, poetry, articles and also publishes discussion pieces from the forum.[7]