Astronomy:BD-08°2823 b

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BD-08°2823 b
Discovered byHebrard et al.
Discovery siteLa Silla Observatory
Discovery dateOctober 19, 2009
Radial velocity (HARPS)
Orbital characteristics
0.056 AU (8,400,000 km)
Orbital period5.60 d
Time of periastron2454637.7 ± 1.6
30 ± 100
Semi-amplitude6.5 ± 1.0

BD-08°2823 b (also known as HIP 49067 b) is an extrasolar planet which orbits the K-type main-sequence star BD-08°2823, located approximately 135 light-years away in the constellation Sextans. This planet has at least 14 times the mass of Earth and takes four fifths of a week to orbit the star at a semimajor axis of 0.056 AU. This planet is classified as a hot Neptune. This planet was detected by High Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Searcher (HARPS) on October 19, 2009, together with 29 other planets, including BD-08°2823 c.[1]


Coordinates: Sky map 10h 00m 47.7213s, −09° 31′ 00.046″