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Corn & Peg is a American-Canadian animated musical comedy series created by Russell Marcus and co-developed for television by Efrem Seeger, John Riggi, and Mad About You co-creator Danny Jacobson, produced by Nelvana and Corus Entertainment for Nick Jr. and Treehouse TV with storyboard services by Oddbot Aniamation.

The series revolves around the titular best friends, a 7-year-old unicorn called Corn, and pegasus called Peg, respectively, who are dynamic do-gooders striving to make Galloping Grove a better place. In the United States, a sneak peek of the series aired on Nickelodeon on February 22, 2019, before it premiered on Nick Jr. on March 4.[1][2]

On April 5, 2019, it was announced that it was renewed for a second season.[3]


Corn & Peg follows the adventures of two dynamic do-gooders; a blue unicorn called Corn, and a pink Pegasus called Peg. Best friends and inseparable since preschool and influenced by their favorite superhero and role model, Captain Thunderhoof, these inseparable best friends go around their community of Galloping Grove to make a better place by helping anyone they can.[4][2]



  • Corn (voiced by Jaiden Cannatelli in the series and Colin Critchley in the short) is a blue unicorn with a darker blue mane and tail, and wears a red jacket. He idolizes Captain Thunderhoof and has dedicated his life to doing good deeds for others along with his best friend, Peg. He used to be shy and scared of making friends until he met Peg. He can use his horn if there is a need for light, or he can use it to pop or cut things. He can sometimes get goofy and clumsy and has kind of a big appetite, but he is still very loyal and often likes to encourage Peg by branding her as the best at everything that she does.
  • Peg (voiced by Shechinah Mpumlwana) is a pink Pegasus with a golden-yellow mane and tail with flowers, and wears a turquoise dress. She's Corn's best friend and is rarely ever seen without him. Like Corn, she also idolizes Captain Thunderhoof and is dedicated to doing good deeds for others. Being a Pegasus, she is capable of flight, but because her wings are so tiny, she can't reach high altitudes and is limited to how much hang time she can have while airborne. She's also pretty strong for a foal her size. Peg loves to laugh at Corn's antics and fortunately doesn't get too annoyed by his goofiness.
  • Captain Thunderhoof (voiced by Julie Sype) is a white alicorn with a sky blue mane and tail. She is a superhero who stars in a TV show and acts as a role model to both Corn and Peg. Most everyone in Galloping Grove is a huge fan of her. She is mostly summoned when Corn and Peg shine their horn and wings respectively, though they only call her when there is an emergency. Though powerful, her weakness is ice (which causes her superpowers to freeze). Her personality is based on children's television leader and pioneer Sheryl Leach


  • Ferris (voiced by Shayle Simons) is an orange pony with an orange Afro. Corn and Peg are his closest friends. He loves carrots and Captain Thunderhoof but often doesn't have the best of luck.
  • Clarissa (voiced by Ava Close) is a pink pony with a blue mane and wears a blue jacket. Another friend of Corn and Peg's. She's all about fashion and is the leader of a team of cheer-leading ponies known as the Posies. She's obsessed with Twinkle Piggy.
    • Paisley, Praxton & Prue (The Posies) (voiced by Gabby Clarke, Isis Moore, and Matilda Simons) are Clarissa's three best friends, a clique and not to be confused with an American Rock band of the same name called The Posies. They are based on The Ashley’s from Recess (which co-story editor and producer Rick Gitelson was a writer for the series)
  • Ferdy (voiced by Jackson Reid) is Ferris' little brother. He loves Corn and Peg but often gets into mischief. Because of his young age, his vocabulary is a little flawed.
  • Mayor Montagu (voiced by Neil Crone) is the mayor of Galloping Grove. He's a tan horse with a brown mustache who wears a dark blue suit and top hat as well as spectacles. He does his best to make sure Galloping Grove is at its best. When Corn and Peg meet him, they treat him with the salutation, "How do, Mayor Montagu?"
  • Farmer Shire (voiced by Katie Griffin) is Galloping Grove's farmer. She often has trouble keeping her animals under control and often asks Corn and Peg to help her with that.
  • Todd (voiced by Josh Graham) is a friend of the main characters that runs a comic store. Though he tends to run out of things very quickly much to Corn and Peg's dismay. His personality is a combination of Kurt Cobain and The Simpsons' Comic Book Guy. Although his looks resemble the former.
  • Miss Sassy (voiced by Stacey Depass) is a horse who runs a garment store. She wears high-heels on all fours.
  • Carrier Pintock (voiced by Paloma Nuñez) is Galloping Grove's mail-delivery horse.
  • Chef Rigatoni (voiced by Mac Heywood) is a professional chef whom Peg idolizes.
  • Sheriff Swiftstone (voiced by Doug Murray) is a police officer whose job is to make sure Galloping Grove is all under control and all the residents are obeying the law.
  • Stella (voiced by Jessica Liadsky), is a salon stylist who own her own store called Stella’s Salon and has a baby child
  • Miss Rider (voiced by Athena Karkanis) is a teacher a Featherhorn Elementary.
  • Slater (voiced by Aidan Wojtak-Hissong) is a lonesome foal who just wants friends to play with, which Corn and Peg give support to. He is also a minor character.
  • Viv (voiced by Alanna Bale)
  • Eddie (voiced by Mac Heywood) is a racehorse who is Viv's cousin
  • Miss Biscuit (voiced by Elizabeth Hanna)
  • The Hoofersons (voiced by Helen King, Chris Jabot & Mia SwamiNatahan) are the family that live right next door to Peg.
  • Dolly (voiced by Elley-Ray Hennesey) is Featherhorn Elementary's Lunch Horse
  • Commander Hayfield
  • Handyhoof Hal (voiced by Joseph Motski)
  • Ooompah Band
  • Dr Trotski (voiced by Brandi Marie Ward) is the doctor of Galloping Grove
  • Paolo (voiced by Christian Distefano) is a friend Corn and Peg meet at school who has a talent for beat-boxing.
  • Coach Clydesdale (voiced by Zachary Bennett) is a brown horse who trains younger foals on sports and other activities. His personality and voice is similar to Coach Clark from Bordertown
  • Jordy (voiced by Chloe Bryer) is a young foal who has a dream of being a trailblazer like Corn and Peg, but she has a short attention span and tends to make disasters out of almost everything that she does.
  • Fire Chief Helen (voiced by Nicki Burke) is the head of Galloping Grove's fire department.
  • Tugboat Ted (voiced by Jamie Watson) is the captain of his own ship and once see the sea stallion named Stanley.
  • Tuck is Skip's pet dog and co-ski patrol rescuer. he is based on a character from another Nick Jr show.
  • Ruby McDougal (voiced by Hattie Kragten) is the star player of the Featherhorn Flyers
  • Trent Trotter (voiced by Dan Petronijevic) is an Action News report for Galloping Grove Action News, his personality is based on Tom Tucker from Family Guy
  • Prancelot, Clyde, Giddy-Up & Frolic (The Backsteed Boys) (voiced by Cory Doran, Danny Smith, Deven Mack, & Anthony Sardinha) are a boy band that everyone in Galloping Grove is a fan, especially Corn & Peg. The characters are based on the many boy-bands of the late-90s and early-2000s
  • Mayor Stable is the mayor of Hoofing Hills.
  • Pilot Pete (voiced by A.C. Peterson) is a retired pilot
  • Teddy Tumbleweed (voiced by Andrew Jackson) is a cowboy who helps Corn & Peg how to become cowboys just like him
  • Sage, Chip & Danny (voiced by Mckenna Beatty, Lukas Engel, & Leo Orgil) are Ruby teammates of the Featherhorn Flyers
  • Skip (voiced by Aris Athanasopoulos) is a ski-patroller and always helps anybody who is in danger of the slopes.
  • The Hoofington Hoofers are the arch rivals of the Featherhorn Flyers at Trotterball
  • Principal Golding (voiced by Jeffrey Knight) is the principal of Featherhorn Elementary
  • Joey (voiced by Keegan Hedley) is a student at Featherhorn And best friend of Charlie
  • Charlie (voiced by Benjamin Hum) is the newest student at Featherhorn.
  • Chris is a student at Featherhorn Elementary And he is named after Chris Hamilton (one of the show’s Producers)


  • Galloping Grove - The Main settings of the show were most of the characters lived.
  • Hoofing Hills - Another town and sometimes a rival to Galloping Grove
  • New Trot City
  • Featherhorn Elementary - an Elementary school where Corn, Peg and their friends all attended as Students.
  • Peg’s House
  • Corn’s House
  • Lemonhay Field
  • The Sea
  • Ferris & Ferdy’s House
  • Miss Biscuit’s House
  • The Grocery Store
  • The Slopes
  • Farmer Shire’s Barn
  • Stella’s Salon
  • Todd’s Comic Book Store
  • Horsehead Mountain
  • Coach Clydesdale's House
  • Mayor Montagu's House
  • Shoe Store - A footlocker type store.
  • Clarissa’s House
  • The Playground
  • The Park
  • Miss Sassy's Sassy Shop
  • FeatherHorn Elementary Trotterball Field
  • The Arena - lots of events took place there, like the fair, a concert, a derby race, and even a party.
  • The Bakery


Corn & Peg is produced by Nelvana and Nickelodeon. The concept of the show is conceived by Russell Marcus, a TV comedy veteran from Haworth, New Jersey who worked as a writer for Full House and The Golden Girls, producer of the long-running sitcom Married With Children, & creator of the animated surreal comedy Brandy & Mr Whiskers. He is inspired to make the series after discovering the drawings of the characters by his youngest daughter Charlotte during the production of Brandy & Mr Whiskers back in 2004. In 2014, He wrote the pilot episode and hired Chris Hamilton and his team at Oddbot to do the animation. some of those elements of the pilot ended up becoming scenes of the first-produced episode 2nd segment On The Ball. He pitched the series to various Canadian animation companies including DHX Media (producers of Undergrads), Spin Master Entertainment, 9 Story Media Group & Breakthrough Films & Television but they all turned down his series. He gave the series to Corus Entertainment and loved the pilot so they greenlight the pilot into a full series. Marcus asked Children's TV veteran and former Recess writer Rick Gitelson and Mr. Meaty co-creator Jason Hopley to be co-story editors and showrunners. Unlike today's Nick Jr shows, which uses CGI animation. Marcus and character designer Sunita Balsara inspired the show's animation style from shows like Mission Hill, The Buzz on Maggie, Catscratch and Bordertown, in the style of hand-drawn 2D and Flash animation. Marcus based the town Galloping Grove from his hometown in Haworth, NJ. every episode is directed by Sean V Jeffrey. Marcus hired writers like Barbara Haynes, Gitelson and his contributor Jorge Aguirre, Elly Kramer, Laura G Brown, comic book writer Kevin Eastman, Charles Johnson, Tom Berger, David Wise, Ethan Bansville, Laurie Elliot, Diana Moore, Max Beaudry & Francisco Paraedes. He even brought some of his writers of Brandy & Mr Whiskers to work on the show. the characters are designed by animators Sunita Balsara, Victor Carlos, Luther McLaurin, Stephen Silver and Ruggiero Abbruzzese. First Oddbot did all the storyboard designs and style, then the animators and artists at Nelvana did the final animation using Toon Boom Harmony. Most of the Nelvana animators on the show were first timers who recently graudated from Sheridan College. The Voice Actors recorded their lines at Super Sonic Post Production in Toronto. Matthew Tishler written and produced The Do-Good Song that the title characters sang every episode (and for one time, Ferris and Ferdy due to Corn having a twisted hoof). Asher Lenz and Stephen Skratt wrote all the songs and music on the show. Marcus is the producer of the series alongside Chris Hamilton, Rick Gitelson, Scott Dyer, Helen Lebeau, John Riggi & Danny Jacobson. The show is recently renewed for season 2 with 20 episodes.


The first season is set to have 20 22-minute episodes.[5][6][4][7] Script error: No such module "Episode table".


Corn & Peg was first broadcast on Nickelodeon in the United States, as a sneak peek premiere of the second episode aired on February 22, 2019. The series premiered on March 4 on the main network,[6][1][2][8] as the series simultaneously airs on its sister channel, Nick Jr. The series also broadcast on Treehouse TV in Canada on March 16.

Following the series' U.S. launch, it will be broadcast on Nickelodeon's international channels and branded blocks in 2019.[2][7]



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