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Short description: Visual grouping of galaxies in the constellation Pegasus
NGC 7331 Group
PIA21088 - Supernova SN 2014C (Optical and X-Ray), Unannotated Version.jpg
NGC 7331, along with NGC 7335, 7336, 7337 and 7340
Observation data (Epoch J2000)
Right ascension 22h 37m
Declination+34° 25′
Brightest memberNGC 7331
Other designations
NGC 7331 Group, LGG 459, Deer Lick Group
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NGC 7331 Group is a visual grouping of galaxies in the constellation Pegasus. Spiral galaxy NGC 7331 is a foreground galaxy in the same field as the collection, which is also called the Deer Lick Group.[1] It contains four other members, affectionately referred to as the "fleas": the lenticular or unbarred spirals NGC 7335 and NGC 7336, the barred spiral galaxy NGC 7337 and the elliptical galaxy NGC 7340. These galaxies lie at distances of approximately 332, 365, 348 and 294 million light years, respectively.[2] Although adjacent on the sky, this collection is not a galaxy group, as NGC 7331 itself is not gravitationally associated with the far more distant "fleas"; indeed, even they are separated by far more than the normal distances (~2 Mly) of a galaxy group.

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Coordinates: Sky map 22h 37m 00s, +34° 25′ 00″