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BSS Application Part (BSSAP) is a protocol in Signaling System 7 used by the Mobile Switching Center (MSC) and the Base station subsystem (BSS) to communicate with each other using signalling messages supported by the MTP and connection-oriented services of the SCCP. For each active mobile equipment one signalling connection is used by BSSAP having at least one active transactions for the transfer of messages.[1]

BSSAP provides two kinds of functions:

  • The BSS Mobile Application Part (BSSMAP) supports procedures to facilitate communication between the MSC and the BSS pertaining to resource management and handover control.
  • The Direct Transfer Application Part (DTAP) is used for transfer of those messages which need to travel directly to a Mobile equipment from MSC by passing any interpretation by BSS. These messages are generally pertaining to Mobility management (MM) or Call Management (CM).


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