Besicovitch inequality

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In mathematics, the Besicovitch inequality is a geometric inequality relating volume of a set and distances between certain subsets of its boundary. The inequality was first formulated by Abram Besicovitch.[1]

Consider the n-dimensional cube [math]\displaystyle{ [0,1]^n }[/math] with a Riemannian metric [math]\displaystyle{ g }[/math]. Let

[math]\displaystyle{ d_i= dist_g(\{x_i=0\}, \{x_i=1\}) }[/math]

denote the distance between opposite faces of the cube. The Besicovitch inequality asserts that

[math]\displaystyle{ \prod_i d_i \geq Vol([0,1]^n,g) }[/math]

The inequality can be generalized in the following way. Given an n-dimensional Riemannian manifold M with connected boundary and a smooth map [math]\displaystyle{ f: M \rightarrow [0,1]^n }[/math], such that the restriction of f to the boundary of M is a degree 1 map onto [math]\displaystyle{ \partial [0,1]^n }[/math], define

[math]\displaystyle{ d_i= dist_M(f^{-1}(\{x_i=0\}), f^{-1}(\{x_i=1\})) }[/math]

Then [math]\displaystyle{ \prod_i d_i \geq Vol(M) }[/math].

The Besicovitch inequality was used to prove systolic inequalities on surfaces.[2][3]


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