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Short description: British philosopher, born 1948

Graham Priest
Graham Priest.jpg
EducationSt John's College, Cambridge
(BA, MA)
(MSc, PhD)
University of Melbourne
EraContemporary philosophy
RegionWestern philosophy
SchoolAnalytic philosophy
Doctoral advisorJohn Lane Bell
Main interests
Logic, metaphysics, history of philosophy,[2] intercultural philosophy
Notable ideas
The other worlds strategy

Graham Priest (born 1948) is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the CUNY Graduate Center, as well as a regular visitor at the University of Melbourne, where he was Boyce Gibson Professor of Philosophy and also at the University of St Andrews.


Priest was educated at St John's College, Cambridge[3] and the London School of Economics. His thesis advisor was John Lane Bell. He also holds a DLitt from the University of Melbourne.[4]

Philosophical work

He is known for his defence of dialetheism, his in-depth analyses of the logical paradoxes (holding the thesis that there is a uniform treatment for many well-known paradoxes, such as the semantic, set-theoretic and liar paradoxes), and his many writings related to paraconsistent and other non-classical logics. In these he draws on the history of philosophy, including Asian philosophy.

Priest, a long-time resident of Australia, now residing in New York City, is the author of numerous books, and has published articles in nearly every major philosophical and logical journal. He was a frequent collaborator with the late Richard Sylvan, a fellow proponent of dialetheism and paraconsistent logic.

Priest has also published on metaphilosophy (Beyond the Limits of Thought, 2002).

In addition to his work in philosophy and logic, Priest practiced Karate-do. He is 3rd Dan, International Karate-do Shobukai; 4th Dan, Shi’to Ryu, and an Australian National Kumite Referee and Kata Judge. Presently, he practices Taichi.



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