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Hervé Ryssen (Real name :Hervé Lalin, Born: April 10, 1967) is a French writer, militant nationalist, holocaust denier and antisemite. He is close to the circles of extreme right. He considers himself racist, anti-jewish and anti-semite,[1] his publications and videos resulted in numerous complaints and court orders, which resulted in him being jailed for 17 month in September 2020.[2][3]

Early life

Ryssen was born as Hervé Lalin on April 10, 1967, in Bondy, France. He obtained a master's degree in history from Paris-East Créteil University(Val-de-Marne) in 1991. His thesis focused on Spanish civil war. He was a history teacher for five years but he was expelled from educational system following complaints. He regards himself as an unemployed professor.

Ryssen was originally an Anarchist and Libertarian, but overtime he became more right wing and joined National Front in the 1990s. On September 16, 2002, he put a pie on the face of a priest who was helping migrants and foreigners. This action was widely covered and he became well known since the incident.

In 2010s a campaign of antisemitic posters brought Ryssen to spotlight.

From 2005 to 2015 Ryssen wrote many books and articles about Judaism, eschatology and anti-white racism. In 2015 he made a documentary called Satan in Hollywood, which he criticized Jewish influence and anti-catholic bias. His book, Anti-white racism, assassins of white men, became a best seller in France.

He participated in the yellow vest movement, and a photo of him landed on the cover of Paris Match.[4][5] [6]

In 2018 he played tribute to Robert Faurisson and wrote in his Twitter that Faurisson will be a French name talked about in 200 years.[7]

In September 2020 he was convicted to prison for anti-semitic remarks and holocaust denial, a crime in France.[8]


In his book, Psychoanalysis of Judaism, Ryssen compares Judaism to a hysterical pathology, and believes that Judaism results in anxiety, paranoia, depression, amnesia, sexual misconduct, incest, identity disorder. He believes that the unity between Jewish forces across the globe comes from their universal belief in the Jewish Messiah and communism and interbreeding will be two facets of this Messiah.



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