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Short description: American science educator and entertainer
Jeffrey Vinokur
Dr. Jeff Vinokur Hosts Educational Science Videos 02.jpg
Vinokur hosting a science show (2019)
BornAugust 24, 1990 (1990-08-24) (age 31)
Montvale, New Jersey
Other namesDr. Jeff, The Dancing Scientist
EducationPhD, Biochemistry (UCLA)
OccupationScience Communicator, Scientist, Entrepreneur
Years active2010-Present
Known forPopping, science demonstrations, hosting
Scientific career
ThesisDiscovery of a novel mevalonate pathway and its potential to produce biofuels.

Jeffrey Vinokur (born August 24, 1990), who also goes by Dr. Jeff[1][2] and The Dancing Scientist,[3] is an American scientist, science communicator and entrepreneur known for hosting over 100 episodes of educational science shows used in classrooms in the United States .[4][5] As of November 2021, the educational streaming video platform he created is used in 30% of all schools in America.[6]

He is also known for combining the hip hop dance genre of popping with live science demonstrations. He has performed on Good Morning America,[7] The Today Show,[8] The View,[9] Rachael Ray,[10] America's Got Talent,[11] and Discovery Channel,[12] as well as at the World Science Festival,[13] Smithsonian Institution,[14] and the USA Science and Engineering Festival.[15][16]

Early life

Jeffrey Vinokur was born in 1990 to Russian immigrant parents and attended Montvale Public Schools.[17] His early interest in science was fueled by doing kitchen science experiments in elementary school, which later progressed to creating a chemistry lab in his parent's garage at age 14, where he would do amateur experiments like making sodium metal from household supplies.[17] Vinokur began conducting biochemistry research at age 15 at Rutgers University.[18]

While a senior at Pascack Hills High School,[11] he began learning the hip-hop dance genre of "popping" through online videos and DVDs.[15] He later traveled to New York City to take classes from leading practitioners of the dance style such as Jazzy J of The Electric Boogaloos.[19] Afterwards he began posting dance tutorials on YouTube under the username "TheRussianTiger,"[19] and the videos have since garnered millions of hits.[11][17]

Vinokur first combined science and dance together while attended the University of Wisconsin–Madison as a biochemistry major where he conducted biofuels research.[20] He received guidance from UW-Madison chemistry professor Bassam Shakhashiri, UW-Madison physics professor Clint Sprott, and lecture demonstrator Jim Maynard. The performance was later premiered on America's Got Talent in 2010.[21][22]


TV & Media Appearances

Vinokur premiered as "The Dancing Scientist" on the fifth season of America's Got Talent where he successfully placed in the Top 100 acts out of 70,000 auditions.[23][24][19][25] The America’s Got Talent appearance lead to Vinokur hosting a monthly science segment on the local CBS News in Madison, Wisconsin beginning in 2011.[19][26] The local news appearances lead to him co-hosting a series of science segments on the Discovery Channel (Canada) show Daily Planet in 2012.[12]

In 2014, Vinokur began performing science demonstrations on national TV talk shows, with appearances on The Today Show,[8][27] The View,[9] Rachael Ray,[10] The Queen Latifah Show,[28] Fox & Friends,[29] Home & Family,[30] AMHQ With Sam Champion,[31] as well as internationally on "Nippon-yo! Sekai-wo Taose! FUJIYAMA," a show on Fuji TV in Japan.[32]

In 2020, Vinokur appeared in a Super Bowl commercial for TurboTax[33] and hosted educational science content for Walmart.[34]

Live Shows

Vinokur’s stage show called “So You Think You Can Do Science?” has been performed at the World Science Festival,[35] Liberty Science Center,[17] Maryland Science Center,[36] Saint Louis Science Center,[19] USA Science and Engineering Festival,[15] Caltech,[37] Singapore Science Festival, Smithsonian Institution, and toured over 400 schools nationwide.[38][39][40]

Generation Genius

In 2017, Vinokur founded and became CEO of Generation Genius, Inc. The educational technology company produces educational videos in partnership with the National Science Teaching Association.[2]

Generation Genius raised $2.7 million in seed funding which included contributions from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and over $1 million raised from equity crowdfunding.[41][42][6][2]

Vinokur hosts 3 original series on the platform, consisting of over 100 episodes, covering science topics taught in grades K-8 science.

In 2020, Pitchbook ranked Generation Genius #2 on its list of "50 Hottest Startups in LA."[43] As of Nov 2021, Generation Genius videos, hosted by Dr. Jeff, as used by 3 million students each week with subscriptions in more than 30% of all elementary schools in the United States.[6]

Scientific Research

Vinokur received a PhD in "Biochemistry, Molecular and Structural Biology" from UCLA in 2017.[44] During his graduate studies, he published research on the discovery of new enzymes, protein structures and a new biochemical pathway in ancient bacteria that grow in some of the most extreme conditions on Earth.[45][46][47]

His research shows how some enzymes are able to work in harsh conditions and how they can potentially be modified to produce biofuels.[48] For his research, Vinokur is a recipient of the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, NIH-UCLA Chemistry Biology Interface Fellowship, and Audree Fowler Award in Protein Science.[49][44]

Personal life

Vinokur has stated publicly that he almost never uses personal social media despite having a career working in media and multiple verified accounts. In an interview, he states, "I'm not active on a personal level on social media... I don't want to be spending time thinking of interesting things to say and taking pictures of my food... I just want to eat quick and get back to growing Generation Genius to reach as many kids as possible."[50]

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