Biography:Kai-Mei Fu

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Kai-Mei Fu
Alma materPrinceton University, Stanford University
Scientific career
FieldsPhysics, Electrical Engineering
InstitutionsUniversity of Washington
Doctoral advisorYoshihisa Yamamoto

Kai-Mei Fu is an Associate Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington where she is the director of the Optical Spintronics and Sensing Lab.[1]

Training, research, and notable achievements

Kai-Mei Fu received her A.B. in Physics at Princeton University (2000). She then went on to receive her Ph.D. (2007) at Stanford University with Yoshihisa Yamamoto. She performed her postdoctoral training at the Information and Quantum System Laboratory at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories prior to joining the faculty at the University of Washington in 2011.

Kai-Mei Fu has been a longstanding expert on topics concerning defects in crystals. Her research largely considers how understanding defects in materials can be applied towards applications in sensing, alongside the design of photonic devices. While her group addresses a series of different materials, she considered a leading researcher on single crystal diamond with impurities [2].

At the University of Washington, she is active in topics concerning undergraduate research and outreach. She is the co-founder of the UW Science Explorers program in Seattle.

Kai-Mei Fu is a founding member of the Molecular Engineering and Materials Center at the University of Washington [3]. Her team has also received recent funding in Quantum Information Science from the National Science Foundation[4][5] and the Department of Defense via the Ab-Initio Solid-State Quantum Materials[6] MURI program. Fu is also one of the organizers of the newly founded Northwest Quantum Nexus, a research and industry coalition in the Pacific Northwest Region for research in Quantum Information Science.[7] At the University of Washington, she is also a member of the QuantumX focus initiative.

Awards and honors

  • NSF CAREER Award (2012)[8]
  • Cottrell Scholar Award (2015)[9]
  • UW College of Engineering Junior Faculty Award (2015)[10]

Notable publications


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