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Pierre Grimes
EducationUniversity of the Pacific (PhD, 1958)
EraContemporary philosophy
RegionWestern philosophy
SchoolPhilosophical midwifery
ThesisDialectic as a Philosophical Method (1958)
Doctoral advisorL. Pillai
Main interests
Philosophical counseling, philosophy of religion
Notable ideas
Revival of philosophical midwifery

Pierre Grimes (born 1925) is an American philosopher. He is a lecturer at the Noetic Society (founded in 1967), which is a philosophical research society dedicated to the study of the mind by means of Socratic method.[1]

He has delivered hundreds of lectures on Greek philosophy many of which are available freely online. His philosophical contributions are primarily in the philosophy of religion and the study of dreams. He aroused much discussion with his work Philosophical Midwifery: Philosophical Midwifery: A New Paradigm for Understanding Human Problems with Its Validation,[2] published in 1998, which analyzed the role of dreams, Socratic Midwifery and self-reflection in the development of human personalities. He is the founder of the philosophical midwifery movement, which is an adaption of Socratic midwifery, and is a mode of philosophical counseling.[1]

Philosophical midwifery

Philosophical midwifery is inspired by the Theaetetus dialogue by Plato, wherein Socrates compares his art of helping people give birth to ideas with a mother's art of midwifery. Spencer has called philosophical midwifery, "an excellent modern example of the Platonic way of doing philosophy," and as "a valuable tool for therapists, but I think it can be beneficial for professional philosophers and classicists to see Platonism being practiced."[2]

Major books

  • Philosophical Midwifery, 1998, ISBN:978-0964819108
  • Is it All Relative? A Play on Plato’s Theaetetus, 2007, ISBN:9780964819108
  • Five Philosophical Dialogues, 2009, ISBN:978-0557076550
  • Philosophical Perspectives from Pierre Grimes and Opening Mind Writers, 2011, ISBN:978-0-557-20707-7
  • The Pocket Pierre, 2016, ISBN:978-1489516190

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