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Volker Halbach (born 21 October 1965 in Ingolstadt, Germany) is a Germany logician and philosopher. His main research interests are in philosophical logic, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of language, and epistemology, with a focus on formal theories of truth. He is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford, Tutorial Fellow of New College, Oxford.[1]

Education and career

Volker Halbach's philosophical studies began at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. He graduated in 1991 with an M.A. (Master of Arts) and in 1994 with a doctorate in philosophy (D.Phil., summa cum laude) with a dissertation titled "Tarski-Hierarchien".[2] In 2001 he earned his habilitation with a thesis on "Semantics and Deflationism".

Halbach was an assistant professor at Universität Konstanz (1997-2004).

In 2004, he took up at role at New College, University of Oxford, where he teaches logic-related courses including Introduction to Logic and Elements of Deductive Logic in the first year, Philosophical Logic, Formal Logic, Philosophy of Logic & Language, and Philosophy of Mathematics.

Philosophical work

Halbach is author of several articles and books including The Logic Manual, a textbook on undergraduate logic, and Axiomatic Theories of Truth.[3]


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