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This is a list of estimated global populations of Proboscidean species. This list is not comprehensive, as not all Proboscidean have had their numbers quantified.

Common name Binomial name/Trinomial name Population Status Trend Notes Image
African bush elephant Loxodonta africana 352,000[1] VU[1] Decrease[1] The population has been reduced dramatically (african elephant populations in 18 countries declined by ~30%) since a mass ivory sell off by southern african countries in the early 2000's to present time. Although slight population increases were noted in SADC states, the continental Loxodonta africana population has declined dramatically. [1] Serengeti Elefantenherde2.jpg
African forest elephant Loxodonta cyclotis 30,000[2] VU[2] Decrease[2] Found primarily in the Congo Basin rainforest biome/ecoregion with remnant populations in the Guinean rainforest and the Niger Delta. [2] Loxodontacyclotis.jpg
Asian elephant Elephas maximus 50,000[3] EN[3] Decrease[3] Extant in South Asia and Southeast Asia including the Sunda islands.[3] Asian elephant walking in Tad Lo river at golden hour, Bolaven Plateau, Laos.jpg
Indian elephant Elephas maximus indicus 27,312[4] EN[4] Decrease[4] Extant in the Indian sub-continent and Southeast Asia, including Southwestern China. [4] IndianElephant.jpg
Sri Lankan elephant Elephas maximus maximus 7,000[5] EN[5] Decrease[5] Extant in the Island of Sri Lanka.[5] Srilankan tuskelephant.jpg
Sumatran elephant Elephas maximus sumatranus 2,400–2,800[6] CR[6] Decrease[6] Extant in the Sondaic Island of Sumatra.[6] Borobudur-Temple-Park Elephant-cage-01.jpg
Borneo elephant Elephas maximus borneensis 1,000–1,600[7] EN[7] Decrease[7] Extant in the Sondaic Island of Borneo/Kalimantan.[7] Borneo-elephant-PLoS Biology.jpg

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