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Short description: Genus of flowering plants

Nemacladus glanduliferus var orientalis 4.jpg
Nemacladus orientalis
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Eudicots
Clade: Asterids
Order: Asterales
Family: Campanulaceae
Subfamily: Nemacladoideae
Genus: Nemacladus

Parishella A.Gray

Nemacladus is a genus of flowering plants in the bellflower family known generally as threadplants. Species are native to the southwestern United States and northern Mexico.[1][2][3] These are annual herbs with very slender, sometimes threadlike, branching stems bearing small five-lobed flowers.


The genus was erected by Thomas Nuttall in 1842.[4] It is placed in the small subfamily Nemacladoideae of the family Campanulaceae.[5][6]


(As of April 2022), Plants of the World Online accepted the following species:[7]

  • Nemacladus australis (Munz) Morin - Baja California
  • Nemacladus bellus Morin & T.J.Ayers
  • Nemacladus breviflorus (McVaugh) Morin & T.J.Ayers
  • Nemacladus calcaratus Morin - Chimney Creek threadplant - California (Inyo + Tulare Cos)
  • Nemacladus californicus (A.Gray) Morin - California (San Bernardino, Kern, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo Cos)
  • Nemacladus capillaris Greene - much of California, southwestern Oregon
  • Nemacladus eastwoodiae Morin & T.J.Ayers
  • Nemacladus glanduliferus Jeps. - glandular threadplant - Arizona, southern California, Baja California
  • Nemacladus gracilis Eastw. - slender threadplant - California (San Joaquin Valley, Los Angeles Basin)
  • Nemacladus interior (Munz) G.T.Robbins - Sierra threadplant - California, Oregon
  • Nemacladus inyoensis Morin & T.J.Ayers
  • Nemacladus longiflorus A.Gray - California, Arizona, Utah, Baja California
  • Nemacladus matsonii Morin & T.J.Ayers
  • Nemacladus montanus Greene - northern California
  • Nemacladus morefieldii Morin & T.J.Ayers
  • Nemacladus orientalis (McVaugh) Morin - Sonora, Baja California, California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, southern New Mexico, extreme western Texas
  • Nemacladus parikhiae Morin & T.J.Ayers
  • Nemacladus pinnatifidus Greene - Baja California, southern California
  • Nemacladus ramosissimus Nutt. - smallflower threadplant - Baja California, southern California
  • Nemacladus richardsiae Morin & T.J.Ayers
  • Nemacladus rigidus Curran - stoutstem threadplant - California, Nevada, southeastern Oregon, southwestern Idaho
  • Nemacladus rubescens Greene - California, Nevada, western Arizona, southwestern Utah
  • Nemacladus secundiflorus G.T.Robbins - California
  • Nemacladus sigmoideus G.T.Robbins - sigmoid threadplant - California, Nevada, western Arizona
  • Nemacladus tenuis (McVaugh) Morin - California, Baja California
  • Nemacladus twisselmannii J.T.Howell - California (Kern Co.)


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