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Short description: Genus of fungi

"Peyronellaea pinodes" causing necrotic lesions of leaves of field pea
Peyronellaea pinodes causing necrotic lesions of leaves of field pea
Scientific classification

Goid. ex Togliani, emend. Aveskamp, Gruyter, & Verkley[1]
Type species
Peyronellaea glomerata (Corda) Goid. ex Togliani

Peyronellaea is a genus of fungi in the family Didymellaceae. It contains a number of plant pathogens.

The genus name of Peyronellaea is in honour of Beniamino Peyronel (1890-1975), who was an Italian botanist (Mycology and Lichenology) from the University of Turin.[2]

The genus was circumscribed by Gabriele Goidànich in Atti Accad. Naz. Lincei, Rendiconti Cl. Sci. Fis. Mat. Nat. ser.8, vol.1 on page 450 in 1946.


Following a phylogenetic analysis of the asexual genus Phoma, section Peyronellaea was raised to the rank of genus. It contains many of the chlamydospore forming species of that genus, from both section Peyronellaea and other sections.[3]

Species include:

  • Peyronellaea alectorolophi
  • Peyronellaea americana
  • Peyronellaea arachidicola
  • Peyronellaea aurea
  • Peyronellaea australis
  • Peyronellaea calorpreferens
  • Peyronellaea coffeae-arabicae
  • Peyronellaea curtisii
  • Peyronellaea eucalyptica


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