Biology:Pignet Index

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Pignet Index or Body Build Index is an index used for evaluation of body build. It was suggested in 1901 by Maurice–Charles–Joseph Pignet, who was a French army doctor. Pignet Index is expressed by formula:[1]

Stature in cm - (weight in kg + chest circumference in cm)

Body build according to this index is noted as:

  • Very sturdy: <10
  • Sturdy: 10-15
  • Good: 16-20
  • Average: 21-25
  • Weak: 26-30
  • Very weak: 31-35
  • Poor: >36


  1. Bhattacharya K, Bharati P, Gupta R & Basu A (1981). A study on diet and nutritional anthropometry of the population of Mirpur, District Midnapore, West Bengal. Collgm Antropolgm 5: 51-58.