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Short description: Species of bacterium

Polynucleobacter paneuropaeus
Scientific classification
P. paneuropaeus
Binomial name
Polynucleobacter paneuropaeus
Hoetzinger et al. 2017
Type strain
MG-25-Pas1-D2 =DSM 103454 =CIP 111323

Polynucleobacter necessarius subsp. asymbioticus MG-25-Pas1-D2, Polynucleobacter sp. MG-25-Pas1-D2, strain MG-25-Pas1-D2

Polynucleobacter paneuropaeus[1] is an aerobic, facultatively anaerobic, chemo-organotrophic, non-motile, free-living bacterium of the genus Polynucleobacter.[2]

The type strain was isolated from a small acidic lake located in Norway . Other strains representing this species were isolated from acidic or circum-neutral lakes and ponds located in Finland , Germany , The Czech Republic, Austria and France . The northernmost observation of this species was reported for the Pasvikdalen valley in the Finnmark, Norway near Kirkenes at a latitude of about 69°N, while the southernmost known occurrence was reported for Lake Creno (Lac de Creno) at the Mediterranean island Corsica, France near the village Soccia at a latitude of about 42°N. The type strain dwells as a free-living, planktonic bacterium in the water column of the lake, thus is part of freshwater bacterioplankton.


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