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Short description: Part of the human brain
Precentral sulcus
Precentral sulcus.png
Precentral sulcus of the human brain.
Gray725 precentral sulcus.png
Lateral surface of left cerebral hemisphere, viewed from above.
LatinSulcus praecentralis
Anatomical terms of neuroanatomy

The precentral sulcus is a part of the human brain that lies parallel to, and in front of, the central sulcus.[1][2] A sulcus is one of the prominent grooves on the surface of the human brain.

The precentral sulcus divides the inferior, middle and superior frontal gyri from the precentral gyrus. In most brains, the precentral sulcus is divided into two parts: the inferior precentral sulcus and the superior precentral sulcus. However, the precentral sulcus may sometimes be divided into three parts or form one continuous sulcus.

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