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Short description: Family of flatworms

Stenostomum simplex.jpg
Stenostomum simplex
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Platyhelminthes
Class: Catenulida
Family: Stenostomidae
Vejdovsky, 1880
  • Myostenostomum Luther, 1960
  • Rhynchoscolex Leidy, 1851
  • Stenostomum Schmidt, 1848
  • Xenostenostomum Reisinger, 1976

Stenostomidae is a family of freshwater catenulid flatworms. It is the most species-rich family of catenulids, with about 70 species described, most of them in the Neotropics.[2]

Catenulids of the family Stenostomidae are characterized by the brain divided into four clearly separated lobes, two anterior and two posterior, which lie near the mouth. The preoral zone contains a group of sensor cells with ciliated pits organized in long precerebral series.[3]


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