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Here is a list of articles in the Pseudophysics category of the Physics portal.

Pseudophysics is a body of pseudoscientific knowledge or practice using the language of physics or discussing issues related to or pertinent to physics. Pseudophysics possesses many, if not all, of the traits of pseudoscience, including the lack of falsifiable predictions or lack of peer review.

As with pseudoscience, the distinction between pseudophysics and fringe theories of physics is not always clear-cut.

Note: Articles may be included in this category for a variety of reasons:

  • They are fairly universally accepted as pseudophysics or physics-related hoaxes.
  • They have been argued to be pseudophysics by some members of the mainstream physics community or other notable people (but others may disagree).
  • The subject has played a significant role in pseudophysics debates or discussions.
  • The subject has been used by others as the foundation for pseudophysical claims (which are mentioned in the article), even though the subject itself may not actually be pseudoscientific.

Inclusion in this category does not necessarily indicate a consensus or implication that the article topic itself is pseudophysical, merely that it has acquired an association with the concept in some way.

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