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A2A Simulations Inc.
Private Corporation
IndustryInteractive entertainment
Simsbury, CT

United States of America
Key people
Scott Gentile, CEO
WebsiteA2A Website

Air to Air Simulations (A2A) specializes in the development and publication of flight simulations, strategy games, visual effects, and sound. The company is based in Simsbury, Connecticut.

Formerly known as "Shockwave Productions Inc." (see History below), the company designs flight simulation products. A2A also has designed its own proprietary Air-Combat computer game engine called the "Merlin Air Combat Engine", which is used in A2A's 2005 release, Software:Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory. The release was met with many favorable reviews, and won several awards including the SimHQ Best of 2006 award.[1]


A2A Simulations was formerly known as "Shockwave Productions Inc.". On May 14, 2008 Shockwave rebranded its corporate name to Air to Air Simulations Inc (A2A).[2]

Air to Air Simulations states that its name change was triggered by reports of customer confusion between Shockwave Productions and a popular online gaming website known as Shockwave. In an effort to better serve their customers and avoid any further confusion, a company name change was in order.

In 2019, A2A Simulations announced their first X-Plane project in partnership with Airtech Simulation and the X-Plane developer Laminar Research. [3]


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