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Founded2013 (2013)
FoundersChris Hall, Roland Keijzer, Stefan Pelders

Bynder is a Dutch software company that offers a digital asset management (DAM) service. Bynder was founded in 2013 by Chris Hall, Roland Keijzer and Stefan Pelders. The company’s cloud based digital asset management platform offers brands a way to find, share and use digital files at any time and from anywhere.[1][2] It is headquartered in Amsterdam.

Bynder has offices in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States, Spain, Australia and UAE. Notable clients are Puma, Spotify and Groupon.[3]


Founding and early years

The founders were colleagues within software development agency, LabelA.[4][5] While working there, they realized the need for a way to store, organize and share digital files with their clients. They decided to meet this need and created Bynder as a stand-alone software solution in 2013. [6]

Recent years

In August 2016 the company secured a €20 / $22.2 million Series A funding from Insight Partners.[7]

Since 2015 Bynder has been organizing Onbrand, a brand marketing conference taking place in Amsterdam.[8]

In the first half of 2022, Bynder reached 100 million annual recurring revenue. During the summer of 2022 Bynder decided to go with a four-day workweek. [9]

Mergers and acquisitions

In April 2014, Bynder aqcuires LumaCloud LLC and expands to Boston, USA.[10] In April 2015, Bynder acquired Social Express, a social media analytics reporting tool.[11] In February 2018, Bynder acquired Shutterstock's digital asset management business WebDam for a fee of $49.1 million.[12] In June 2020, Bynder acquired We Adapt, a video creation and templating platform.[13] In March 2022, Bynder acquired GatherContent, a content operations platform.[14]


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