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CECO Environmental Corp.
Russell 2000 Component
IndustryPollution & Treatment Controls
Founded1966 as Claremont Engineering Company
Dallas, TX
Key people
Dennis Sadlowski
( Chief Executive Officer) (02/2017)
ProductsIndustrial Engineered Products & Solutions for Environmental Air Pollution Control, Energy, and Fluid Handling & Filtration

CECO Environmental is a company founded in 1966 and now is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company provides air pollution control technology, products and services for various industries, including aerospace, brick, cement, steel, printing, food, foundries, utilities, woodworking, chemical processing, glass, automotive, ethanol, pharmaceuticals and refining. Currently (2013.12) the company owns twelve subsidiaries.[1] CECO Environmental acquired Met-Pro Corporation in August 2013. [2]


CECO Environmental ‘s products consist of three parts: Engineered Equipment Technology and Parts Group, Contracting/Services Group and Component Parts Group.

  • Component Parts Group: These products are used for dry particulate such as furniture, and metal in a duct system.[3]


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