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TypeNonprofit cooperative
Genrecollaborative research organisation
Key people
Lex van Gijsel, managing director
ServicesResearch, education
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DevLab (Development laboratory) is a research center headquartered in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. It is an alliance of thirteen Small and Medium Enterprises. In close co-operation with universities, with a network of professors and lectors, research projects are carried out by graduation students, Ph.D students, and employees of the member SMEs. With this concept DevLab is also partner in larger consortia, together with industry, universities and other research institutes.


The Development Club is one of the clusters of the Federation of Technology Branches in the Netherlands, FHI, within the branch industrial electronics. It is a network of approximately 45 technology companies working on product development in the field of electronics, mechatronics, embedded software and industrial design. The Development Club is the source of the idea to set up a co-operation where scientific research will be carried out, by and for the member companies. This eventually led to the foundation in 2004 of DevLab, Development Laboratories.

Location of DevLab
Location of DevLab
Location of DevLab
1956 Foundation FHI
1994 Foundation of Development Club
2002 Establishment of network of professors and lectors
2003 Special "Lemmer"-workshop formed the basis of DevLab (June 12)
2004 Formal establishment of "Coöperatie DevLab Development Laboratories" with 12 SME partners (October 12)
2005 Operational start in the Laplace building at the campus of the Eindhoven University of Technology (February 1)
2009 Installation of a full-time managing director (March 1)

Research domains

The DevLab research agenda currently contains 4 focus areas:

These areas are captured into a number of projects DevLab is leading or participating in.


Company name Description
Almende Almende is a Dutch research company specialized in information and communication technologies.
Chess eT international B.V. Chess is a design- & development centre specialized in Hardware and Software design.
Connect B.V. Connect B.V. is an independent LonWorks specialist, specialized in construction related installations.
Mediatronix Mediatronix is a Consultancy and Engineering firm specialized in electronics and new media.
Nanosens Nanosens develops and utilizes the latest developments and advancements of the just emerging and exciting nanotechnology to make smart, portable and inexpensive sensing systems for ultrasensitive and rapid detection of biological and chemical species.
Sioux Electronics Sioux Electronics develops and produces hardware and software for industrial and medical applications.
Salland Electronics Total project (co-)development for electronic products.
Van Mierlo Ingenieursbureau Van Mierlo Ingenieursbureau is specialized in realizing hardware and software solutions for controlsystems.
Vitelec Vitelec provides innovative and creative solutions for a broad range of low power wireless applications in a B2B market.
ICY ICY is an innovative product developer for home and building automation systems.
KITT Engineering KITT specializes in developing hard and software on the edge of Art and Technology.
Sense Observation Systems Sense is a technology company providing context aware communication and transaction support.
Metatronics Metatronics develops electronic products from the concept of a customer to production.


Publication date Title Author Language Journal
8 November 2011 Zwerm vliegende robotjes detecteert duinbranden Alexander Pil Dutch Bits & Chips
21 October 2011 Interview met Lex van Gijsel Pieter Edelman Dutch Bits & Chips
4 April 2011 SME-cluster DevLab enters into open innovation partnership with Holst Centre English Holst centre news
25 maart 2011 Devlab werkt samen met Holst Centre Dutch Eindhovens dagblad
24 October 2010 Flapping wing actuation using resonant compliant mechanisms: An insect-inspired design[1] Caspar T. Bolsman English Delft University of Technology
11 February 2010 DevLab opent deuren tussen universiteit en MKB Dutch Cursor
30 June 2009 Epidemic-Style Information Dissemination In Large-Scale Wireless Networks[2] Daniela Gavidi English Vrije Universiteit
1 May 2005 Gossip-based dissemination of time[3] Konrad Iwanicki English Vrije Universiteit

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