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Digital Fortress LLC
IndustryIT Consulting
Cloud computing
Software distribution
Computer software
FoundedBuffalo, New York, (2012)
FounderPavel Durov Axel Neff
Buffalo, New York
WebsiteDigital Fortress LLC

Digital Fortress LLC is company, founded by Pavel Durov in 2012, is engaged in the management and financing of mobile applications. The director of the company is Axel Neff, who is also the assistant to the director of VK for international operations. The company is headquartered in Buffalo, New York.[1]


Digital Fortress LLC was a company created by Neff in his home city of Buffalo, New York in 2012, and co-founded by Pavel Durov. It is engaged in the management and financing of mobile applications. Axel Neff served as the director of this company.[2] Digital Fortress LLC maintained its headquarters in Buffalo, New York.[3]

In early 2013 the company bought 96 terabytes of infrastructure from QBC Systems.[4] In April of that same year, Pavel Durov said that Digital Fortress was a cloud cluster, that was created for the benefit of startups from the Start Fellows.

On August 14, 2013, the company released its first experimental application, called Telegram.[5]


Telegram is a free instant messaging application for smartphones that was built using a new encryption algorithm called MTProto.[6] The fact that the company is working on a new project became known back in January 2013. It was announced then that the first application supported by Digital Fortress would b e called, for which a domain had already been registered. Later this name was abandoned in favor of Telegram.[7]

The application itself was released on August 14 on the iOS platform within the framework of the Durov’s Android Challenge competition as an example for developing a similar application for Android. Three weeks after its launch, the messenger gained wide popularity: more than 100,000 new users registered in it every day, most of whom are residents of Arab countries.


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